It’s been exactly a year ago, since we gathered all our friends and family together in Loveland, Colorado to celebrate our marriage. Its been a year since I had the hardest time getting my wedding vows out, battling tears at every word. Its been a year, since we took shotskis on the barn-turned-dance-floor and danced our hearts out with the most important people in our lives. All this under the gorgeous colorado sky and the Twin Peaks of the Rockies as a backdrop. All these memories came rushing to me just a few days ago on our eight hour African bus ride to Victoria Falls. It’s been a year today, since I married you and I couldn’t be happier.

I couldn’t be happier with the certainty of knowing that I have found my lifelong partner in crime. If our first year of marriage is any indicator, I know that you’ll always be crazy enough to allow me to be my crazy self. I am aware of the fact that it is anything but ordinary to have found someone who will always build me up while grounding me at the same time. Someone that will support my biggest dreams, balance my crazy energy and help my outlandish ideas became reality. Like the one of quitting our jobs and becoming nomads for the sake of traveling the world. Someone that gets my unquenchable thirst for the new and my absolute need for physical exercise. You get me and I get you.

We are one team and I could not be the same without your caring, your determination, and your loving kindness.

I cannot imagine anyone else by my side for this trip around the world and for my journey of life. Here is to you, my love, and to many more anniversaries together. As the lyrics of our first dance says, lets “dance like nobody’s watching“….throughout the world and through our life together. And #letsbeadventurers!

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