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We're Mich & Gabi

Mich & Gabi.

Hello! We’re Mich and Gabi. In early 2015 we quit our corporate life to travel the world. We hunt worldwide adventures and find a way to squeeze them into our modest budget. We believe money should never limit your experiences and we’re here to show you the way to affordable adventure.

Mich and Gabi are family nicknames that we’ve grown up with and the combo has stuck. So much so that our niece has combined us into one name, michiegabs. It might be confusing to some but Mich is the girl (for Michelle) and Gabi is the boy (for Gabor) part of the couple.


Hi, I am Gabor. The Gabi half of michandgabi. I was born and raised in beautiful  Budapest, Hungary but have been living (mostly) in the US for the last 13 years.

I caught the travel bug early, as my family was quick to realize our newfound freedom after the fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 80’s. My childhood was filled with camping trips with my grandparents and some of my most vivid memories are of family excursions in our full size, city-bus turned camper around Europe.

It seems I’ve been destined for a life lived out of backpacks. Growing up as a competitive tennis player, I would spend more weekends on the road than at home. After high school, I moved to Germany to play and coach tennis and shortly after was offered a full tennis scholarship at a small school in in South Carolina. After a couple years I transferred to Hawaii Pacific University in beautiful Honolulu.

While in college, my wanderlust only intensified and I spent all my free time and money on travels. During summer breaks I would work as a tennis coach in Germany and on the east coast. Then I would use all my savings to participate in an exchange program in South Korea and backpack in Europe, West Africa, and South America.

After my travels I moved to beautiful Colorado where I fell in love twice. First with Mich’s freckles and then with the incredible Rocky Mountains. Mich and I left Colorado to advance our marketing careers in Atlanta, but after about four years of breakneck work pace we decided to quit our jobs and sell all our possessions to travel the world until our money runs out. Just like in the old days.


I am a mountain girl, born and raised at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with my two sisters and countless “fake” pets. That’s what we liked to call all the goldfish, turtles, bunnies, lizards, hamsters, and guinea pigs that came before Jake, our handsome, mischievous, brilliant yellow lab.

My travel history is quite different than Gabor’s international adventures. My summer vacations consisted of my dad packing us into our 1989 GMC van and hauling us to Wisconsin to visit family. In return, we stuffed as much babydoll paraphernalia and Kit N Kaboodles full of candy into the van as we could sneak by our dad. I LOVED these trips. Super straight Nebraskan roads perfect for coloring, personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut, and a Motel 6 with a swimming pool AND free breakfast. What more does a kid need?

When we got a little older, we started exploring the west during spring breaks. Our parents would again load us in the van and force three preteen girls to visit every single national park between Denver and Mexico. To this day I love a good road trip, get really excited over continental breakfast, and sneak extra entertainment into the car.

In college I had a yearning to expand my regional USA travel and did more travel and study abroad. A few years after graduating I ran into a crazy Hungarian shouting from tabletops at a networking event. He was wearing a scarf and glasses and had a cute accent. Five years later we’re married and bumming around the world.