Mich & Gabi

Email: michandgabi@gmail.com

Twitter: @michandgabi

Gabor Boczonadi 

Email: gabor.boczonadi@gmail.com

Twitter: @gaborboci

LinkedIn: Gabor Boczonadi

Michelle Shank Boczonadi

Email: michelleboczonadi@gmail.com

Twitter: @michboci

LinkedIn: Michelle Shank Boczonadi


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  1. So excited for the both of you! Blessings to you! May your journey be more rewarding than you ever imagined!

  2. Have an amazing, mind blowing, life changing journey! Love you guys! Amy

  3. Good luck guys! Sounds awesome!

    Gyuri Balázs
  4. Missing you already and glad you got there safely! Let the journey begin!

  5. What a cosmopolitan couple!
    World has been waiting for you, and is still waiting for you.
    Sooner is better!
    Cin cin with a glass of Tokaj for your remarkable journey!

    Theresa & Stephen Shank
  6. I’m glad you guys are “living the dream” that so many of us have, and I’m enjoying reading your blog posts so I can live it vicariously, too! Wow, what an adventure! Enjoy, and keep those interesting posts coming!

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